Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg



September 7-11, 2009, Marseille, France

Joint experimental study between SAOT Clinical Photonics Lab and CNRS, Laboratoire Lasers, Plasmas et Procédés Photoniques, Faculté des Sciences de Luminy, Université de Méditerranée within the framework of the Development of Nanoparticle Photosensitizers for Singlet Oxygen Based Photodynamic Therapy and Disinfection study

August 8-10, 2009, Wuhan, P. R. China

Invited lecture of Prof. Sasha (Alexandre) Douplik on the 8th International Conference on Photonics and Imaging in Biology and Medicine (PIBM 2009)

July 25th - August 1st, 2009, Rostok, Germany

SAOT Summer Academy (Group A, Douplik, Hahn)
Advanced Optical Methods for the Assessment and Monitoring of Clinical Surgery

July 15th, 2009, Barcelona, Spain

Oral presentation of PhD student Fabian Eisa on the 18th INTERNATIONAL LASER PHYSICS WORKSHOP with F. Eisa, E. Januts, T. Pöschinger, A. Perez, A. Langenbucher, and A. Douplik (Erlangen, Germany) "Studies on the optical properties and reproducibility of agar- and resinstabilized tissue-like phantoms"




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